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High Pressure: Multisafe Double
Hose-Diaphragm Process Pump

Feluwa’s first groundbreaking hose-diaphragm pump overcame many of the
weaknesses of traditional diaphragm and diaphragm piston pumps. The first generation
hose- diaphragm design was the first to encase the pumped liquid, separating it
completely from the hydraulic driving system by combination of a flat diaphragm with an
additional hose-diaphragm. As a result the pumped liquid was only in contact with the
inside of the hose diaphragm and check valves. With traditional diaphragm piston
pump designs, the pumped liquid and hydraulic driving mechanism are separated only
by a flat diaphragm and the pumped liquid, which is usually of an aggressive nature,
is in contact with both the diaphragm and pump casing. Subsequently, the casing in
traditional designs must be resistant to the pumped liquid and solids can settle around
the diaphragm clamping mechanism, causing damage due to abrasion and reducing the
life of the diaphragm. Furthermore, in the event of a diaphragm failure the pumped
liquid will come in direct contact with the hydraulic driving system, causing considerable
financial expense as well as downtime to clean and repair.

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